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Finding out that you or your child needs a frenectomy can be a little overwhelming, particularly if you are a new parent. Fortunately, a frenectomy is a simple, quick procedure for infants, older children, and adults alike. 
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What is a Frenectomy?
A frenectomy can actually refer to any procedure where binding tissue anywhere on the body is cut. An oral frenectomy addresses the tissue underneath the tongue or between your top lip and gums.

  • Oral Frenectomy: A frenum, or frenulum, consists of bands of tissue that control the movements of your tongue and lips. If a frenum is too restrictive, it can impact speech and dental development. An oral frenectomy cuts this band to release the lip or tongue.
  • Frenectomy types: There are two types of oral frenectomies based on where the frenum is restricting movement.
    • Lingual Frenectomy: A lingual frenectomy is done to correct a tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia. The lingual frenum attaches your tongue to your mouth. Some people are born with a short or tight frenum, and this restricts tongue movement. It can interfere with a baby's ability to breastfeed, as well as with speech development.
    • Maxillary Frenectomy: A maxillary frenectomy is done to correct a lip tie. The labial frenum connects your top lip to your gums above your front teeth. If it is shorter than normal, it can impact speech development, as well as dental development. It can also make it difficult to properly clean your upper gums and front teeth.
  • How do you know if you need a frenectomy? Often, difficulty with breastfeeding is the most common indicator of a tongue or lip tie. Babies may not latch well, are fussy when feeding, and may not gain weight appropriately. For older kids and adults, problems with eating and drinking, speech difficulty, trouble brushing teeth, and cavities or other dental issues, can indicate a lip tie or tongue tie.

Frenectomy Procedure
Whether you need a lingual or maxillary frenectomy the procedure is the same and is very straightforward.

  • Consultation Before the procedure you will have a consultation with Dr. Kesecker, who will examine your mouth and review the procedure with you.
  • Topical anesthetic applied: A topical anesthetic is typically applied to numb the area. A local anesthetic is not needed for this procedure.
  • Frenum is snipped: Using either a scalpel, surgical scissors, or a cauterizing tool, Dr. Kesecker will snip the frenum.
  • Stitches if necessary: Stitches are not needed for a tongue tie, but if a lip tie is more severe or complicated, occasionally stitches will be needed.

Frenectomy Cost
Insurance typically covers the cost of a frenectomy, minus any deductible or copay. Without insurance, a frenectomy can cost between $800 and $1500.
Frenectomy Aftercare
Recovery from a frenectomy is typically very straightforward. The area treated will need to be kept clean, and older kids and adults may need to limit the food they eat for the first few days. Occasionally, you may be prescribed antibiotics to prevent any infection. For infants, often specific stretches will be recommended to prevent reattachment.
Frenectomy Procedures at Legacy Surgery
Dr. Kesecker and his team work to ensure a comfortable environment, and provide the best care possible for you or your child. Contact us today if you are concerned that you or your child may need a frenectomy.


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