August 10, 2022

Should You Get A Dental Implant?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium dental appliances that are designed to replace the roots of your teeth. Implants provide a strong foundation to replace a single missing tooth, a few missing teeth. They can even be used to replace all the teeth in your mouth similar to dentures. They can create the foundation for for fixed or permanent replacment teeth or the can be part of creating removable replacement teeth.

Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Unlike traditional dental bridges or dentures, dental implants replace both the tooth and the root using a titanium post surgically implanted into your jawbone. Dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement because they are a long-term solution and have a high success rate. Here's what you should know about the benefits of dental implants, along with the disadvantages.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Of the methods available for replacing lost teeth, dental implants remain one of the most popular options. Here are a few reasons why:

Closest Thing To Natural Teeth

With some tooth replacement options, you may have to worry about the appliance or prosthetic slipping or not being comfortable. Since dental implants fuse with your jawbone, you can eat your favorite foods just as you would with your natural teeth. Along with function, they are indistinguishable from real teeth.

Maintain Your Speech

When you replace your natural teeth with dentures or bridges, if there is any slippage, you could end up slurring your speech due to limiting your jaw movement to keep your teeth in place. However, implants are stable enough that even vigorous jaw movement will not dislodge them, meaning you can preserve your speech.

No Damage To Surrounding Teeth

For tooth replacement options like bridges, changes need to be made to the teeth surrounding the missing tooth to ensure that the appliance fits comfortably. However, dental implants don't require any changes to the rest of your teeth.

Long Lasting

Dental implants are made from titanium which is strong enough to last for a lifetime with proper care. The dental crown attached to the implant can be easily replaced if damaged.

Helps Prevent Bone Loss and Shifting Teeth

Your jawbone helps to support your teeth. But, when teeth are damaged or removed, sections of the jawbone go without stimulation, causing them to become weaker and deteriorate. Significant bone loss also changes the appearance of your face.

In addition, as the bone deteriorates, surrounding teeth will shift closer to each other over the gap. This shift makes replacing missing teeth more challenging, so filling the space with an implant early on helps keep your remaining teeth in place.

Restores Smiles

In addition to your oral health, a missing tooth can adversely affect your appearance and your confidence. By replacing those teeth with dental implants, you can regain your smile in a simple way.

Drawbacks of Dental Implants

Though they are an excellent method for replacing a patient's teeth, there are risks and disadvantages to dental implants. It's vital to understand these risks to make an informed decision if you're facing the possibility of needing an implant.

Potential Failure to Integrate

Titanium is known as a metal with a high degree of biocompatibility. However, high is not the same as perfect. There is generally a small chance that the implant will fail to integrate with the bone in your jaw, weakening the bone over time and compromising your jaw's stability. A skilled dentist can help determine your risk of implant failure and either recommend additional procedures to mitigate that risk or another tooth replacement solution.


In rare cases, an implant can cause damage to surrounding structures such as the lingual plate, the maxillary sinus, and the gingiva. In these cases, the damage may lead to complications such as swelling, infection, and sinus damage. If your dentist determines that you are at risk for perforation, they will recommend a sinus lift prior to dental implant placement.

Surgery is Required

For the implant process, the dentist will need to make an incision into your gum line to insert the titanium post. Though it is a minor surgical procedure, it is still a procedure that carries inherent risks and complications. Be sure to consult your dentist about the potential oral surgery risks.

Healing Time

Dental implants require a lot of healing time. To start, the dentist must ensure that you have enough bone mass in the area to support an implant. If you don't, they would need to perform a bone graft to strengthen the structure of your jaw. The dentist may also potentially need to extract a damaged tooth for replacement. You would then need to heal from the bone grafting or extraction before undergoing the dental implant procedure.

When do people choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options?

Dental implants have notable cosmetic and functional benefits over other tooth replacement options.

  • They look and function like natural teeth
  • They can be more durable than crowns.
  • They don’t require damaging surrounding teeth as dental bridges do.
  • They provide a much higher quality of life compared to dentures.

The very nature of having an implant that replicates an organic tooth root can help preserve the jaw bone and support oral health. Implants support a healthy bite, help keep surrounding teeth from shifting into gaps. Even the pressure and stimulus from normal chewing action can also help to preserve the jawbone.

Trust the Top Oral Surgeons to Restore Your Smile

Successful dental implants and other restorations require skilled and caring surgeons, which is why the team at Legacy Surgery has dedicated themselves to providing the best possible service and care to every one of our patients. Our skilled oral surgery specialists have performed thousands of implant surgeries and can offer experience alongside advanced technology to ensure our patients regain their smiles. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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